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Michelin Motorcycle Tires on Sale

Michelin motorcycle tires has a large selection of tires, Discount Michelin motorcycle tires for the weekend rider to the extreme racer    

Michelin Motorcycle Tires

Sport/High Performance
Michelin sportbike motorcycle tires

Touring Radial 
  michelin sport tourin street bike tires

  michelin cruiser motorcycle tire

Off Road Dirt Bike 
Michelin off road dirt bike and motocross tires
  • Starcross MS2 / MS3 
  • Starcross MH3
  • S12 XC 
  • M12 XC 
  • Starcross Sand 4
  • Starcross HP4   



A lot is riding on your tires. Namely, you. Michelin motorcycle tires offer outstanding grip and precise handling while being highly durable. And they’re suited for both the racetrack as well as the open road. So pick up a set of Michelin motorcycle tires today. We stock the latest varieties of Michelin motorcycle tires at prices that won’t break the bank. Our Michelin motorcycle tires come in both dirt bike and street bike selections. Shop Moto X Outlet for the best prices around. Your order will arrive quickly—right to your front door. Now get racing! The michelin pilot powers have been the best seling motorcycle tires of the line up, comparable to the dunlop qualifiers.  Michelin introduced Two Compound Technology in 1994. Today, only Michelin offers a complete family of dual-compound radials for sport and sport touring bikes, including dual-compound front and rear tires: 
  • Sportbikes: Pilot Power Michelin Motorcycle Tire 
    You don't have to be world champion to get your hands on Michelin® MotoGP tire technology. Pilot® Power tires use a rubber mix that was originally developed for MotoGP racing, and a tread pattern that covers less than 12% of the tire’s surface. The result is a maximum lean angle of 50.6 degrees on dry pavement and 41.9 degrees in the wet, achieved with a stock sportbike. How did we do it? When your test riders are winning on 230-horsepower MotoGP bikes, you learn a few things about performance.
    • Rubber compound reaches operating temperature quickly
    • Incredible cornering grip
    • Impressive durability for a high-performance tire
    • Designed for high-performance sportbikes
    • Suitable for street or track use
    • MotoGP-derived rubber mix
    • Tread pattern covers less than 12% of the tire surface, for phenomenal cornering adhesion.
    • "These are the best street tires I've ever ridden in my life." –Roadracing World
    • Synthetic rubber mix derived from MotoGP tire technology, formulated to maintain consistent performance even at advanced stages of tire wear.
    • 50.6° maximum lean angle in the dry, as measured at the Michelin test track
  • Sportbikes: Pilot Power 2CT Michelin Motorcycle Tires
    Pilot® Power 2CT tires add two-compound technology to the already renowned Pilot® Power range. While 2CT technology originated in MotoGP racing, Pilot® Power 2CT tires are intended for the most demanding sportbike riders, who use their bikes both on the road and for track days. Its tread surface is divided into three separate areas, incorporating two different rubber compounds. This helps provide numerous benefits in terms of dry grip, lean angle, handling and progressive acceleration and braking on wet surfaces.
    • Track-day tire that's equally at home on the road
    • Real MotoGP technology from the tire company that introduced dual-compound tires in GP racing
    • 20% softer rubber mix on the edges of the tread yields phenomenal cornering grip
    • Lean angles up to 51.2° measured on Michelin test track
    • Precise handling and feedback
    • An extension of the Pilot® Power line, not a replacement
    • Lap times within 7% of Michelin MotoGP slicks when fitted to Colin Edwards' Yamaha MotoGP bike at Malaysia's Sepang circuit in February 2006.
  • Sport Touring: Pilot Road 2

    Until now, you had to make a choice: the grip of a softer tire – or the durability of a harder tire? But thanks to Michelin 2CT dual-compound technology, the new Pilot® Road 2 tire offers both grip and durability in one tire. By integrating a soft rubber compound on the tread shoulders with a wear-resistant compound down the middle, Michelin gives you the best of both worlds. The Pilot® Road 2 tire is like two tires in one.

    • Best wet grip of any comparable sport touring tire*
    • Longest mileage of any comparable sport touring tire*
    • Rider confidence in challenging conditions
    • 11 sizes covering 94% of all sport touring radial fitments
    • The only dual-compound tire in the sport touring segment
    • Innovative front and rear tread designs
    • An extension of the Pilot® Road line, not a replacement
      1st Michelin® Pilot® Road 2
      2nd Pirelli Diablo Strada
      3rd Metzeler Roadtec Z6
      4th Continental Road Attack
      5th Dunlop D220 ST
      6th Bridgestone BT-021
      7th Bridgestone BT-020
      1st Michelin® Pilot® Road 2
      2nd Bridgestone BT-020
      (tie) Dunlop D220 ST
      4th Pirelli Diablo Strada
      5th Bridgestone BT-021
      (tie) Metzeler Roadtec Z6
      (tie) Continental Road Attack
      *Compared to the six leading competitors’ tires in the same market segment. Tests conducted by CERM (Centre d’Essais Routiers Mècaniques) in 2006, using tire sizes 120/70 ZR 17 and 180/55 ZR 17

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