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Air Cell Fork Chambers

Air Cell Fork Chambers
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Manufacturer: Air Cell


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Air Cell Fork Chambers

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New Equalizer Series
AirCell Fork Air Control System

Air Cells are a set of high pressure, stainless steel air reservoirs that are attached directly to your forks, behind the number-plate/head-light assembly. High pressure tubing is used to connect the Air Cells to our specially designed stainless steel fittings that screw into the existing fork cap vent screw holes. No drilling or tapping is required on most motorcycles! Installation is very simple and can be easily installed in a few minutes.

Air Cells were engineered to soften the harsh feel of the forks over braking and acceleration bumps, whoops, rocks, tree roots and over-jumping, plus reduce or eliminate head shake. Also, the cornering characteristics of the motorcycle improves dramatically! Each Air Cell has an exclusive Air Compression Damping Valve (ACD Valve) that the rider can easily adjust to control how soft or stiff the forks feel over small and medium sized bumps and obstacles, as well as control the ride height of the motorcycle entering a corner. At the top of each ACD valve, is a manual push button to relieve any high pressure air build-up in your forks. The rider has complete control !

If you have Stock, Modified or the high dollar "Works Forks", the Air Cells will dramatically improve their performance, we guarantee it!


Automatic Oil Return System (AORS) (No oil maintenance required)

Adjustable Air Compression Damping Valves (ACD Valves)

Quick and simple installation (No drilling or tapping required for most motorcycles).

Easy push button venting system (To relieve high air pressure build up in forks).