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Asterisk Cell Knee Braces

From: $649.99
Manufacturer: Asterisk


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Free Undersleeves with Brace Purchase.


Measure at the mid kneecap, with the leg completely straight.

S Under 14"


14 to 14 7/8"


14 7/8 to 15 3/4"


15 3/4 to 16 3/4"

Asterisk Cell Knee Braces
Mid-Knee Cap Circumference ...
Under 14" Small
14"-14 7/8" Medium
14 7/8"-15 3/4" Large
15 3/4"-16 3/4" XLarge
Advanced Strength Carbon Technology Frame:Carbon fiber injection molding process creates a strong, lightweight, rigid structure to help withstand forces and protect the knee. Ergonomically designed frame for an improved intimate feel (for the bike)
Telescoping Patella Cup:Unique telescoping design. This special design will cover the kneecap area in a straight leg position and in a bent position including coverage of the areas above and below the kneecap.
Oblique Axial-Free Motion Hinge:Oblique Axial Hinge. The only hinge ever developed that can contour the inside of a leg at an oblique angle to the outside hinge. This allows for a low profile fit. Simulates the natural knee motion of flexion (bending) and extension (straightening) and automatically aligns/locates/positions/ the tibia (shin bone) for a prober fit. Prevents slipping and pistoning of the frames on the leg and has a "free" nonrestrictive motion. Auto aligning allows for the lower frame to automatically locate the correct angle of the users lower leg. Two sizes of joint pads are included with every order for individual adjustment.
Lace-Liner Buckle System:Lace liner for secure comfortable fit. Prevents "roping" across the muscles sometimes experienced with straps. Wraps the muscles, securing the frame to the leg comfortably. Provides increased protection and eliminates slipping. No stretch laces glide through abrasion resistant lace loops for even distribution and a conforming fit. Removable washable liner. Single finger quick release.
Adaptable Tendon Cuff:Attaches to the upper and lower frame wrapping the thigh and calf. Special tendon strips retain stiffness at adjusted positions to maintain structural integrity for increased support and protection.
Thermo-Formed Padding Interface:Thermo-formed for intimate frame and cuff fit. Increases impact resistance. Different thickness of frame and joint pads are sent for a custom fit. Self centering tibia padding design for skin alignment and comfort.


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