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Bridgestone motorcycle tires has a large selection of tires, Discount Bridgestone motorcycle tires for the weekend rider to the extreme racer    

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Motoxoutlet is located in Lehi, Utah and Offers Discount Motorcycle Tires to the public at wholesale prices. Motoxoutlet can drop ship many of these tires right from the distributor to get you the tire you need fast. 
Most motorcycle tires are delivered in 2-4 business days, na dare shipped from 7 different locations around the county, including, California, Texas, Florida, Colorado, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Utah.   

Bridgestone OEM motorcycle tires for BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha motorcycles. Every year, more motorcycles come with Bridgestone quality, direct from the showroom floor. Maintain top performance with genuine Bridgestone Exedra OEM motorcycle tires.


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Nashville based Bridgestone Firestone American Tire, LLC, is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Americas Holdings, inc., whose parent company, Bridgestone Corporation, is the world's largest tire and rubber company. In MotoGP, Bridgestone is the exclusive motorcycle tire supplier to the factory Ducati, Suzuki, and Kawasaki MotoGP motorcycle teams. In just three years of competition at the pinnacle of motorcycle road racing, Bridgestone motorcycle riders have scored several victories and podium finishes. In AMA supercross and motocross, Bridgestone is the exclusive motorcycle tire supplier to the factory Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha teams, plus the Pro-circuit/Kawasaki team. The dominance of Bridgestone motorcycle riders was unequaled in the off-road competition in 2005, when every AMA National Supercross and motocross championship was captured by a Bridgestone motorcycle rider. Bridgestone uses racing-inspired technology to help develop many of its high performance on-road and off-road motorcycle products. Bridgestone is also a major supplier of original equipment motorcycle tire products to all the major motorcycle tire manufacturers.

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Bridgestone BT-016

New multi-compound technology derived from MotoGP delivers the grip performance demanded in every aspect – braking, maximum side grip in cornering, and strong traction at the exit of a corner
Front tire features dual compound (3LC) to provide grip in all riding modes. The center compound offers linear handling while the shoulder compound secures high grip and solid contact feeling
The front tires parallel S shaped grooves give optimal cornering force to improve stability, linear handling and absorption. Groove location across the tread center secures rich contact feeling and stable wet performance
Rear tire features a new triple compound (5LC) The center compound offers good stability, the shoulder compound transfers power to the road with strong traction while the edge compound offers strong side grip and solid contact feeling at extreme lean angles
The rear tires L shaped grooves enhance shock absorption and rear-end steering. Groove location not across tread center area provides both wet performance and strong traction. High speed durability is also maximized
The steel MS-BELT (mono-spiral belt) construction applied to front and rear tires absorbs sudden impact from bumps and offers high stability and tremendous line-holding in corners
HTSPC- ( High Tensile Super Penetrated Cord – Mono Spiral Belt ) technology in front and rear tire provides rich contact feel, strong grip and high-speed stability
3D-CTDM ( Comprehensive Tire Design Method ) is advanced tire design technology that enables dynamic, three-dimensional simulations of tire performance at all lean angles
Compares to Dunlop Qualifier, Michelin Pilot Power/Pilot Sport HPX, Pirelli Diablo/Rosso, Metzeler Sportec M-3/M-1

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