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Pirelli Night Dragon Tires

pirelli night dragon motorcycle tires
From: From $171.99 to $276.99
Manufacturer: Pirelli Motorcycle Tires
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Pirelli Night Dragon Motorcycle Tires

Brand new from Pirelli comes the Night Dragon, the first pavement peeling muscle tire dedicated to V-Twin cruisers, customs and choppers. Driven by racing technology, the Night Dragon is aggressively designed for PERFORMANCE and styled for stance; the Night Dragon intimidates when prowling or parked.

The Night Dragon is a unique, premium product oriented to Harley- Davidson® and metric-cruiser riders demanding grip performance with forceful style. Today's custom cruisers and hot-rod V-twins with increased engine sizes, more torque, more horsepower, and upgraded suspensions, create a combination demanding tires dedicated to driving that performance to the pavement of America's highways.

The Night Dragon's street-wise tread pattern blends biker style with riding performance by maximizing the contact patch for fast warm up, quickly giving the rider confidence of stability and traction. The hydrodynamics of its groove placement ensures efficient draining in wet riding conditions; the Night Dragon's front tread design cuts a path through water for the rear, and the calibrated grooves of rear tire disperse the residual water, for controlled grip in all conditions.

  • High performance with aggressive looks
  • Performance product range tailored to Harley Davidson and Metric Cruisers with a modern tread pattern combined with high-performance attributes and a great style
  • Outstanding grip at all lean angles due o special compounds that offer incredible straight line acceleration and traction, which new structural designs provide great ability and comfort
  • Radial front tires feature an optimized tread pattern for the best performance
  • Similar mileage to OE tires
  • TL=Tubeless Tire

GT Series
Up to 20% Longer lasting*.
Advanced “Full Carbon Black” compound.
Stiffer carcass thanks to structure stiffening and high belt tension.
Same legendary performance, and 100% mixable with all Night Dragon front tires.