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Scott Snowmobile Goggles Recoil XI Pro Snow Cross

MSRP: $49.99
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Manufacturer: Scott
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Dual Pane AMP Rose Turboflow anti-fog thermal Lexan® lens
This tint filters the available light, allowing in only the wavelengths
that the eye uses to identify contrasts and, thus, amplifies the terrain to the viewer.
The dual-pane design, and Turbo vents prevents fogging even on the coldest of days.

Polar shield nose/face guard
Created to address extreme winter conditions experienced
while snowmobile riding, this face foam is oversized and flame-laminated.
The flame-lamination creates an impenetrable wind barrier between the layers of foam.


Big hypoallergenic face foam
100% UV Protected Amplifier Lexan Dual Lens
NoFog Anti-fog lens treatment
ACS Vented lens
Composite Snow face foam
Durable silicone lined strap
Recoil Polar shield nose / face guard