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Snow Plow Flap

From: $39.99
Item Number: 10-0190
Manufacturer: Kolpin
Manufacturer Part No: 10-0190
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Rubber Snow Plow Blade Flap

Universal Rubber Blade Flap fits plow blades with widths 48" - 72"
Trim to Fit
Keeps snow from flying into your face
Part # 10-0190
Ships direct from manufacture
Mounting Hardware included ( Bolts, Washers, Lock Nuts)

Universal Blade Snow Flap Installation: 
Step 1.
Use the blade flap as a template, to drill ¼” holes into your blade. 
Align the flap so that it is centered on the blade. 
Secure the blade with the provided ¼” x ¾” bolts, washers and locknuts. 
Position the bolts as shown, from the underside outward, with the flat washers and locknuts on top of the flap. 
Tighten locknuts to where the top of the nut is even with the end of the bolt. 
Step 2. 
Trim your blade flap to proper length of your blade.
Rubber Snow Plow Blade Flap