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Yoshimura Exhaust Pipes

      Yoshimura Exhaust System 

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                        Dirt Bike Pipes  --  ATV Pipes  --  Streetbike Pipes

Yoshimura became the leading manufacturer of sportbike exhaust system by hard work, not by accident. In the old days, Pop's pipes were in such high demand that he was forced to start mass producing them. As time went by, the demand increased exponentially. Today, Yoshimura R&D ships up to 6,000 pipes per month! The reason the demand was, and is, so high is quality and performance. These two elements came about as a direct result of R&D. Yoshimura has always had an exhaustive research and development program. After all, it's our middle name. Typically the lights are on way after 5:00 each night. Our R&D group and race group integrate and interact in order to bring "cutting edge" track technology to the masses. The real difference between us and our competitors however is expertise. There is a big difference between working hard and working smart. We have been racing at the top level for so long we know what works and what does not. Our testing and R&D procedures are efficient and focused. The result is plain to see in our products...the finest in the world.


yoshimura streetbike exhaust systems

Yoshumura has a very straight forward philosophy. Our philosophy started way back in 1954 with Pops and is still going strong. We race to win.

The spirit of racing started everything here at Yoshimura, and to this day, drives everything that we do as a company. Yoshimura in business terms could be categorized as a "Lifestyle" company. The primary drive here is the lifestyle of our sport rather than profit motivated business directives. The funny thing is, the more "Core" we are, the more business comes our way.

Fortunately for Yosh as a company, the consumer recognizes quality and performance and this keeps our business growing through the years.


This is the force behind everything we do. If we were in this just for the business, we wouldn't be putting so much effort in our racing program.
yoshimura atv exhaust systems pipes

Yoshumura is a "Core" comapny that has a crystal clear philosophy. It is through racing that we can develop and test new products at the harshest environment.

An off-shoot of racing, we spend countless hours a year involved in research. The research is used to develop race bikes and then to take this knowledge and develop products for the consumer.


The R&D guys are constantly developing new parts while simultaneously refining existing one. It is not surprising to find them working late into the night and weekends. With all the state-of-the-art equipment at Yosh, it might just be enjoyable to work all those long hours.

Exhaust System Manufacturing:

Yoshimura is the largest sportbike aftermarket pipe manufacturer in the world. We ship out thousands of pipes each month to customers all around the world. Over the many years we have been in business, our reputation has driven sales to the point where we are the industry leader.
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